About Us

About Us

Eros Trading Company, formed in 2011 has a strong foothold in the plastics market globally. Eros Trading is the next generation solution to indenting and exporting high quality plastic scraps and recycled polymers across the globe. The company is widely recognised by its clients for importing and sourcing ethically recycled polymers and plastic scraps. Our operations are mainly headed from Japan , Europe and India but Eros Trading Company is proud to call itself a global entity with great associations in various European, American & Asian countries as well as being open to buyers & sellers from around the World.

We believe in optimum utilisation of the Natural Resources that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us and help in reducing global warming in any which way we can.


Why Recycle?

Plastics are made of non-renewable resources and by ethically recycling the plastic scraps, we are not only preserving these resources but also helping in environment sustainability. It's no news that anything made of plastic cannot decompose completely, hence the importance of recycling and reusing the non-decomposable parts to put them to good use of creating more products which are then known as recycled products.


Our vision statement incompasses our values and beliefs. We strive to conduct our business in a manner that reflects this vision :"At Eros Trading Company, we embrace innovative teamwork and optimum sourcing of recycled polymers for the best benefit of our customer". Our vision is to build giant waste management entity aiming to for cost-effective recycling.


Eros Trading company is engaged in imports and exhorts of recycled polymers. Company's mission for the three next years is to provide sustainable and cost-effective recycling solutions to the countries packaging, constructions and utility industry. We believe to create and expand our family of esteemed buyers and prestigious sellers and to share a relation of utmost trust. We believe to grow with your growth.